Stampin' Up

Stampin’ Up Settin’ Sail Photo polymer


Today I will be showing you a stamp set,  with which you might not be all that familiar . There are numerous stamp sets Stampin’ Up has made and put out as a photo polymer only option. So really if you don’t know you wouldn’t go looking for it, as was the case with me. I do love nautical or water stamp sets, so I was a sucker from the start. I am going to show you my original card and two other versions.





Hold on tight, here we go!

Well, hello friends…..jeez, I hope to have some new friends out there joining me soon! Kinda strange talking to no one, who you really hope becomes a someone, anyone, just one person will make me keep at it. I have a thousand cards I could post but no instructions or products listed, so I’ll do my best to get my act together this weekend and post a lil something. Stick with me and I’m hoping at the very least , you’ll be amused 🙂