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Stampin’ Up! 2017 Retirement List, Stampin’ Up!

Hello Stampers!!

I am freshly back from the Stampin’ Up! convention in Richmond VA. I had a blast along with my fellow Team Stamp It demos. I got to meet a bunch of them for the very first time! We were even able to do a little Facebook LIVE on Sunday to showcase some cards and I got to stamp with the One and Only TAMI WHITE!!!!

How lucky was I?!?!? Very very lucky, that is how I feel anyway. Her cousin Kim invited us back to do a little crafting on our way back up 95 N to go home. It was a super fun pit stop, and I look forward to doing it again 🙂

If you have been living under a rock, then you may not have heard that the New 2017-18 Annual catalog will be released soon, and along with that comes the news of the 2016-17 Annual catalog Retirement list:  insert sad wah wah noise here ( I know you just did it in your head ).

I will again give out my best advice as I did with Sale A Bration ( hopefully you’ll listen this time) GET IT NOW……eBay is such a bitter pill to swallow. There are things that WILL sell out on the list. They will SELL OUT TODAY. I really just want my point across and I don’t mean to shout. I just would hate to see you waste your money, when you can save it for new stuff in the new catalog when you get it!

See, I love you and only want to help your wallet/crafting addiction. Trust me I have a problem too, but I love my problem too much to give it up 😉

Here is a link to the 2016-17 Annual Catalog Retirement List.


One piece of advice, I am sure everyone is trying to get on line at the same time , so please be patient, and I am saying a little prayer it will load for you 🙂

Stay tuned for lots of Goodbye to certain stamp set posts in the next few weeks!

I am well aware I will be bidding a sad, sad farewell to a few of my very favorites.

Stay tuned to Facebook and YouTube LIVE as I will do my best to post a few more in the next weeks, to give you up to date info as I get it.


As always, thank you for reading, following, liking and encouraging me along this Stampin’ journey…….I mean this with all my heart, I would NOT do this , if it weren’t for all of Y O U!!


Love to you all



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