Christmas Boxes, Mini treat box, Stampin’ Up!

For the CHRISTMAS BOX you will need one piece of card stock and a Designer Series Paper piece

LID Cardstock to measure 7 1/4″ by 8 1/4″

on the 8 1/4 side, score at 1 /2″, 2 6/8″, 5 12/”, 7 6/8″

on the 7 1/4″ side, score at 2 1/4″, 5″, 7 2/8″

BOTTOM Cardstock to measure 8 1/8″ by 6 7/8″

on the 8 1/8″ side, score at 1/2″, 2 3/4″, 5 3/8″, 7 5/8″

on the 6 7/8″ side, score at 2 1/8″, 4 6/8″

Someone also suggested to punch out with a 1/2″ Circle Punch on the lid to make it easier to lift the lid from the bottom of the box, that is a great idea, as suction will hold it closed a bit. Just be sure you punch on the side that DOES NOT have the flaps holding the box together.

I will do this and add a pic as well.

Hi Stampers! All supplies are listed below in a clickable link that takes you direct tony online store:) Any other questions following todays Facebook Live, please just ask. You can contact me at

For the SMALLER LID FLIP BOX, you will need a piece of card stock or DSP

There are two versions, one is slightly smaller but otherwise they are identical

Card stock measures8′ by 4″

8″ side score at 1″, 3 1/2″, 4 1/2″, 7″

4″ side score at 1″, 3″

Trim to score lines and add Tear and Tape


Card stock measures 7″ by 4″

7″ side, score at 1″, 3″, 4″, 6″

4″ side score at 1″, 3″

Trim to score lines and add Tear and Tape to seal closed.


See the full video for a live demo of the above boxes and be sure to Follow me on Facebook and TURN ON notifications to be alerted when I go LIVE!

Until next time,

Stay Crafty!

XO Rach

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