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Diorama cards, Version I, Stampin’ Up!

Hi Stampers!

Well, I am happy to be back here and back on Facebook doing LIVES after the drama of last week…..Thanks again to my friend Donna, she had the tip that saved the day 🙂

This card, even though it ended up being a bit wonky at the end of the video, did go together very simply……IF you follow the directions, which if you know me, I started to fly by the seat of my pants and wrecked the whole darn thing.

But, I was able to go back and see what I did wrong, and I added in a second quick video to explain how to finish it all out smoothly, and boom all is right again in my world 🙂

You will need some 12″ by 12″ paper to get started.

Box card: 4 1/4″ by 11 1/2″

score on the 11 1/2″ side at 11 1/4″, 10″, 5 5 /8″, 4 3/8″. You will then cut out a square to create the hole in which you look through.

Then I stamped the cottage onto a 4″ by 4″ panel, centered a bit more to the top.

I stamped the gate and trimmed it up adding it to the from panel where I removed the square with the Layering Square Thinlits.

I stamped the chairs and flowers onto a5 3/8″ by 2″ piece. I stamped them near the top, so I could trim them closely and make it look more 3D. You may need to trim a bit off of the 2″ piece if it too thick and obstructs your cottage.

I think the possibilities are endless with this type of card, a few viewers even suggested a Birthday card with balloons for a child and it would look so cool and I am quite sure they would be thrilled to get it too!!


What ideas do you have for these cards?


I will share my other version of a Diorama card very soon!


Until next time,

Stay Crafty!

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