Fun treat boxes, Envelope Punch Board, Stampin’ Up!

Hi Stampers! I hope you will give this fun box a try. It is super simple to create and you can make it virtually any size for any treat. Two things to remember: your starting paper MUST be square, I used 6″by 6″ pieces for these two, also if you want a square box, use your same measurements each time, if you want a rectangle, score with your measurements the first time, then line up the lines for the rest of the scores.

You can also make this open envelope style and seal up three sides and tuck the top in, or you can create a belly band to hold it closed and add some ink and stamps to decorate it or a nice sentiment and some ribbon.

Box Recipe:


I used a 6″ square piece card stock  to create the 3″ box

I scored at 2″ and 3 1/4″ on all four sides for the box.


I used a 6″ square piece of card stock

I scored at 2″ and 3 1/4″, then turned and scored on both score line which met up with the tail each time thereafter.

To create the belly band, start with a 11″ by1 1/2″ piece of card stock, if you want to decorate it, do that prior to folding. Then begin by wrapping it around the box slightly loosely, so you will be able to slide it on and off. At the back fasten it with either some tear n tape or Tombow liquid glue.

What treats will you put into your box?

Until next time

Stay Crafty

XO Rach

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