Card & Envelope Gift Box

Hi Stampers!

I recreated this box that was inspired by Elizabeth Jeanne Thatcher. I had made this several years ago and really loved it, and recently a Facebook viewer asked that I create a box for cards and envelopes to give as a gift. I made the box a bit larger than the original design to accommodate both and I also gave it a neutral look with the Tranquil Textures DSP.

I will make several other versions once we return from our trip: New Mom thank you, Sympathy box for kindness during hard times, and a Christmas version as well.

These will all go back to this original post if you need to recreate the box and lid. I will also do a video with some quick and pretty cards to put inside as well.

You will need: Bone Folder, Paper Snips, Stampin’ Trimmer, Tear n Tape, optional Simply Scored.

So off we go!


This box will fit standard A2 envelopes and 4 1/4″ by 5 1/2″ cards.

You will first find the BOX, LID and SPINE measurements, then the coordinating DSP measurements and you can also finish the inside as much or as little as you want, I will add in the extra fully decorated pieces needed in parenthesis.

BOX BASE: 7 6/8″ by 9″

You will score on all four sides at 1 1/2″. Reinforce folds with your Bone Folder. Trim on the long sides at the score lines and adhere with Tear n Tape.


Inside liner of box and underneath layer to cover spines: 5 7/8″ by 4 5/8″, again you need TWO

Long side: 5 7/8″ by 1 3/8″, you need two (two more if you do the inside)

Short side: 4 5/8″ by 1 3/8″, you need two (two more if you do the inside)

LIDS: 7 6/8″ by 4 5/8″ ,you need two one for each side

Score at 1 1/2″ on three sides, one long and both short. You will mark as shown below 1/2″ from the square fold and 1/2″ away from the bottom rectangle side that has no score line. You will then line these up in the trimmer in the cut line and trim from one tic mark to the other.

You will again reinforce the folds with your Bone Folder, and then hold the box closed and trim away the small hangover with Paper Snips. (see photo)

You will measure the DSP for these as explained below and THEN add Tear n Tape to for the box lid. (watching the video as you make this part specifically will make this much simpler)


Top of lids: 4 5/8″ by 3″, you will need two

Long side of lids: 4 5/8″ by 1 5/8″, you will need two ( two more if you do the inside)

Angle flaps: The way to measure these is to hold your DSP inside the box side that you hold closed with your fingers, slip the DSP onto the inside, slightly away from both edges to create a border, then trace the outline with a pencil. Remove and trim, you may still need to trim a hair off of each end. This will become your template to create the other 3 ( 7 if you’re going to do the inside as well). It is easiest to trace these with the short ends meeting, so you will get them to match on all the sides as several need to be cut backwards( AGAIN, see video, as it is MUCH easier to see than it is to type out). Once done, adhere the edges with Tear n Tape to form the Lids.

SPINES: 4″ by 2″

on the 2″ side, score at 1 /2″ on both sides, then lining up to the 1″ side, cut down to middle to create TWO 1″ by 4″ pieces. You will need to reinforce the score lines really well as this will make it easy to open and close your box.

You will add Tear n Tape to the inside bottom of spine and the top of the spine as shown.

You will then attach the spine to the inside of the LID first, lining it up in the middle and close to the edge of the lid. You will then remove the release paper and put the lids onto the box lightly, making sure they are lined up to your liking ( one side will overlap ever so slightly) and then press the spine to the bottom.

You can then cover the bottom of the box with the remaining 5 7/8″ by 4 5/8″ piece of DSP to cover the spines and give a professional look.

This whole project sounds like A LOT! I promise you it isn’t, and once you make one of these, you will be hooked and make so many more as they are the PERFECT way to give out a bundle of cards to anyone for any occasion.

I huge thank you again to Elizabeth Jeanne Thatcher for sharing this video years ago. She has a wonderful blog if you want to check it out: Crafts by Happy Stamper

I know whomever you give this too will love it, but I want to know did you like it? I love to hear from my readers, so feel free to comment below!

Until next time,

Stay Crafty!

XO Rach

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