A little bit about me……

I have been stamping for over 14 years. It started as a hobby I picked up from some of my coworkers who stamped after work hours. We all work in Radiology and we got together a few times a month to do a make and take with cards, or little projects during lunch break. In the beginning,  it was a novelty and an expensive hobby since I had never been exposed to card making before. I will say in the years to follow I ebbed and flowed with my interest in cards. Then one day, I decided to get out my stamping stuff and make a card for my niece and nephew…..little as they were at the time, the smiles on their faces made my heart swell. I also made cards for my grandparents,  and people started to compliment me on my designs! Well…. time has passed and I now create a holiday card for 12 little friends, and two grandparents for each and every holiday. I have gotten pictures, little videos and so many words of love on how much these kids ( young and old) appreciate getting a little card in the mail each month. So my hobby is now OFFICIALLY my obsession! That was all it took and I decided to become a demonstrator. Now even when I finish a card, a new idea is already brewing. I spend most of my free time looking for new ideas or cool uses for something I might already have…..I hope you will enjoy this visual journey along with me…….Stampin’ is so much more fun when you have  friends to share it with!!!

3 thoughts on “A little bit about me……”

  1. I hit on a youtube with your watercolor emboss resit with lovely as a tree and the stamp set nature sings.I was so excited by it and wanted to try it, but cannot find it again. Could you help me with this?


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